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  • Introduction

  • History

  • Our Motto

  • M/s RG Concept Interior Design is a world multinational leader in Interior Design & Landscaping since 1996. It is considered to be one of the leading designing, consulting, supervising & contracting companies in Lebanon and its various branches abroad.

    Mr. Rachid T. Ghanem and his staff of professional designers have created interior design solutions, decoration, furnishing projects, designing exterior facades and landscaping for enormous number of private residences, villas, palaces, retail outlets and commercial projects throughout Middle East and the world.

    Here you will visualize some of our significant projects done and executed to a variety of clients Worldwide.
  • R.G. Concept is the artistic vision of Mr. Rachid T. Ghanem for Excellency in Interior Design and the introduction of the highest quality of Architectural and Decorative Material available in the World market.

    We take pleasure in informing that R.G. Concept is owned by the Interior Architecture Rachid Toufic Ghanem and it has been operating in Lebanon with great success since it was founded in 1982.

    Mr. Rachid Ghanem, Founder and Chairman of R.G. Concept graduated in 1980 as Interior Architecture from the Faculty of Fine Art and applied arts at Holy Spirit University in Kaslik Lebanon, following to his higher education he became a professor in the Interior Architecture department from 1982 until 1996.

    During the Period R.G Concept has been succeeded in becoming a leader in finishing and artistic decoration works. R.G. Concept known for the last decade as one of the number one companies in the Middle East and Europe for design, graphic arts, execution and land scaping of contemporary, classic and modern works has established itself also as leading force fields of decoration such as special wood works, painting, gold leafing, artistic murals, trompe l'oeil, special marble stone works...

    R.G. Concept composed of many international branches

    We Would be most pleased to enumerate your fine among our future clients and would be happy to meet with you in order to discuss our possible cooperation.

    In the mean while, should you require any furthur information offer and/or quotation for possible project or projects on hand, Please do not hesitate to contact us




    Our aim was to expand worldwide and to put our stamp on the international scene…


    We have accomplished our aim and we have not set on our successes and we continue to build on it…